06 abril 2009

Leverage EIP with Apache Camel and Twitter: Part 3

Alright, so I've just submitted a JIRA issue to the Apache Camel project, donating the source code of this component. Anybody interested just follow this link and download the component itself or wait to see if they commit it into the SCM.

The component can publish, like I've showed you on my last post, and also consume some user's twitter page / the friend's timeline of someone or the public timeline. It's really cool.

If you wanna try it by yourself, just download the attachment, set up the maven project as a module of Apache Camel (yes, you will have to download the whole Apache Camel sourcecode tree) and then build it. Or... edit the pom.xml to fix some parent references. I hope you know something about Apache Maven too.

On my next post, I promise to show you how to use it and all the possible parameters. Or take a look at the source code and play with it.

Have fun. :-)
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