31 março 2014

JavaFX version of the 2048 game

I've been "busy" this weekend doing several things. But nothing more important than playing the addictive game 2048 (web javascript version). After several hours few minutes playing with it on my phone, I decided to write a JavaFX version called Fx2048. Gabriele Cirulli has published the source code on GitHub in his repository, so you can learn how to code a game like this in any platform!

Now why a JavaFX version? Well, why not? But I will give you a few reasons for you to look into Fx2048:

  • opportunity to learn Java SE 8
  • learn Lambda expressions
  • learn Stream API
  • learn JavaFX 8
  • learn JavaFX CSS basics
  • learn JavaFX animations
There you go! A simple project that will teach you all that :-)

Have fun!

PS: a few bugs to solve and features to implement, but feel free to pull request!
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