30 junho 2011

Google+ Huddle vs Kik Messenger

Group messaging has never been so easy to use as with the new Google+ Huddle launched this week. The tool is well-coupled with Google+ Circles and all of your contacts which makes it easy to start chatting with specific groups of people you can relate based on the subject of your messages.

We've already seen apps like this before. Kik Messenger is one of them, if not the most used one, specially for iPhone users. The adoption however within mobile users was low. Facebook didn't even tried to do that but failed because its Facebook Groups is not as good as Google+ Circles.

And why will Huddle succeed where Facebook and Kik Messenger failed before? First because Google is Google, and everybody has a Google account. To start a group chat on Kik, all of your friends must sign up first, hence the problem with adoption. Something Google don't have to worry about. Second, because Facebook wants - needs - to have all information its users publish be public available.

The Huddle app, although very similar to Kik Messenger, has greater potential.


Group chats

A chat

UPDATE: It seems Huddle is not a new project from Google. Actually, they came with this back in 2008 and it almost killed 37signals' group messaging tool Campfire. Read the article.
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